Smart digital solutions for agriculture

Does the time lost looking for materials drive you crazy? Can't remember who brought which work tool? Do you no longer have an overview of which construction site your machines are used on? Do you get gray hairs from your employees who complain that they are tired of performing repetitive – (boring) actions manually? Are you afraid that digitization means that you have to work with different software programs? Do you want to further digitize your agricultural business but don't know how and where to start? Then come and speak to our experts!

  • location determination
  • download and monitor tachograph remotely
  • theft protection
  • reservation system
  • smart maintenance management

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About All-Connects

As an expert in track & trace systems, we know what we are talking about. We help you grow and expand with the latest technologies that we are sure will give your business a serious boost. Thanks to our continuous research into the best products on the global market, we can propose you the right solutions to ensure that your company continues to move forward competitively. That is why we have long been the market leader for specialized hardware and software to track and manage fleets, personnel and materials.

Expertise we share with you

We deliberately keep our team small because we opt for knowledge and experience. Each team member has an enormous amount of expertise and baggage in his track & trace domain. We share all that knowledge with you. We'll help you see the wood for the trees, explain the pros and cons of each tracking sensor, unit and software, and suggest the best combination your business needs.

Flemish track & trace specialist

With All-Connects you choose a Flemish family business that has already earned its spurs in developing track & trace systems that make a difference for more than 20 years. Your hardware and software are fully aligned with Belgian legislation, in whatever sector you are active.


  • Tractors and telescopic loaders
  • Seeding and planting machinery and fertilizer distributors
  • Cattle breeding material
  • Milking equipment
  • Frontloaders and trailers
  • Products for agriculture and horticulture
  • Services


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