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  • Cattle breeding material
  • Milking equipment
  • Products for agriculture and horticulture



Fullwood Packo has been supporting dairy farmers for more than 70 years by offering Smart milking and cooling solutions tailored to their dairy operation. The farmer and his animals are at the heart of everything that Fullwood Packo does. Ease of use, quality and efficiency are therefore the three key points of Fullwood Packo.

Customized solutions

Fullwood Packo offers milking systems, milking robots, cooling tanks and management systems tailored to each dairy farmer. In addition, the products are entirely made in-house.

Research and development

At Fullwood Packo, investments are constantly being made in research and development to create new technologies that allow dairy producers to manage their operations as efficiently as possible. Thanks in part to their milking parlors, milking robots and cooling systems, dairy farmers in more than 80 countries can maximize productivity and profits.

After sales service

In addition to quality and durability, Fullwood Packo also focuses on service. For advice, installation and maintenance of a milking parlor, a milking robot or a milk tank, the milk producer of today and tomorrow can count on Fullwood Packo 'year.

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