Address: Meensesteenweg 545
Tel.: +32 51 24 55 66 
Hall: 6


  • Material for soil cultivation
  • Seeding and planting machinery and fertilizer distributors
  • Various agricultural and horticultural materials


  • AVR
  • Puma
  • Spirit
  • Lynx
  • Ceres
  • GE-Force
  • Multivator
  • Combi werktuig
  • Falcon
  • Cobra

Your potatoes? That is our passion. We design user-friendly machinery entirely manufactured in-house. You select the assembly until the machinery meets your requirements. Your loyal right-hand partner AVR can assist you with that. You can rely on our expert advice, and on our complete range of machinery – at every stage of the potato production:    

  • soil cultivation
  • planting and ridging
  • haulm topping
  • harvesting
  • crop handling and storage

Low maintenance costs, long service life and optimum performance; those are the typical features of your AVR machine. That will save you lots of time and effort. You can then invest that time in selling your products.